Our First Blog!

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My name is Sally Snowdon and my aim is to keep in touch with visitors old and new, that visit our fantastic new website. I hope you love it as much as we do, here at Letting Solutions Blackpool!

Ok, here we go…I am delighted to introduce my first in a long series of blogs on the weird and wonderful world of lettings! My intention, to share with you all the ups and downs (hopefully far, far more ups!!) of all that goes on behind the scenes at Letting Solutions Blackpool and hopefully offer you guidance and advice on all aspects of property management. Whether you are a Terrified Tenant or a (going slowly) Loopy Landlord, I would be delighted to hear from you all about what you would like to discuss, what guidance and advice you would like or even just general chat about what we do and how we do it. So my invitation is out there…please come forward, make yourself known and let’s chat…

Landlords, let’s talk property! Would you turn up to your dream job interview in your PJ’s or would you dress to impress? Think about this…think about your let property going for an interview every time someone walked through the door or even clicked on a photo on the wonderful World Wide Web. Think about the prospective tenant being the employer and whether they would employ your home as their dream home? Would you?? Here are our top tips to help your property stand out from the crowd…

First impressions are often the longest lasting impressions yet are over looked on so many occasions. The exterior of your property and any gardens are just as important as the décor inside the home. Are the gardens neat and tidy? Are they free from rubbish and weeds? Please don’t underestimate the power of first impressions, after all, who could blame a tenant for thinking, that the inside of the property is any better than the outside.
Keep it clean, tidy & clutter free! Sounds easy right but yet so many landlords expect to let sub standard properties. We endeavour to find you the best possible tenants but sloppy properties will attract sloppy tenants. Why would a tenant take pride in their new home if they think the landlord doesn’t either?

Keep the décor and paintwork fresh and use any empty void periods as productive periods by getting back into the home and making sure it is of the standard you expect. Keep floorings and carpets clean and free of damage. While periodic property inspections and final move out inspections will highlight any damage that is the responsibility of the previous tenant, please don’t forget that normal wear and tear will take its toll over time. You cannot expect a property to stay in the same condition over long periods and general maintenance of the building remains the responsibility of the landlord.

Assumptions – minor issues such as peeling wallpaper, missing fence panels or a leaking tap, will all contribute to whether a tenant will assume that you are a respectable landlord. If minor repairs aren’t done then is it fair to assume that should anything more serious arise, the matter will be dealt with quickly? Fix any minor issues as quickly as possible. Remember you are trying to rent your property so take a critical look around and make the improvements you need to do, but don’t go overboard and steer clear of spending too much money.
Seems simple right? And it should be. In a nut shell, there will be no tenant, no AST’s (Assured Shorthold Tenancy), and no rent if your property does not stand out from the crowd. With a staggering amount of properties available to let in this over flowing market, it is vital that your property is top of their ‘must view’ lists!

Next time….Tenants, your roles and responsibilities in maintaining your dream home!