Important information about your tenancy

Holding Deposit

When a prospective tenant submits an application for tenancy a holding deposit equivalent to a weeks’ rent will be payable. This holding deposit will hold the property for you until the Landlord accepts or declines your application. If your application is accepted, this holding deposit will be deducted from your first months’ rent. If your application is declined, then the holding deposit will be returned to you in full, with the following exceptions:

The holding deposit is non-refundable and will be forfeited should the tenant decide to withdraw their application.

The holding deposit is non-refundable if the tenant does not pass the Right To Rent checks.

The holding deposit is non-refundable if there are any false or misleading statements on your application form. – don’t tell any porkies!

In the unlikely event that a Landlord withdraws their property after a holding deposit has been paid, Letting Solutions will reimburse the holding deposit to the tenant(s) in full.

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Letting Solutions will require references as part of the application process, before agreeing a rental. If applicable, we will require an employer’s reference, a previous landlord reference and a character reference.

If you are in receipt of benefits or have a poor credit history or any unresolved County Court Judgements, you will need a guarantor. Your guarantor will also need to be referenced and once approved they will be required to sign a Guarantor Agreement to support your tenancy.

If you do not have a guarantor, you can opt to pay all of the rent for the duration of the tenancy in advance, in addition to the agreed bond. This is subject to landlord approval.


When submitting your application, all tenants over the age of 18, will be required to provide the relevant identification under the Immigration Act 2014. A list of acceptable identification can be provided upon request.


Our properties are offered for rent on either an unfurnished, part or fully furnished basis. The degree to which properties are furnished can vary dramatically, however most usually have flooring, curtains and cooking facilities. Any prospective tenant is encouraged to discuss their requirements with our team, to whether they are seeking a fully furnished or unfurnished home.

In certain circumstances, a landlord may be prepared to provide additional items of furniture or appliances. Just ask!


Prior to occupation of your new home, a detailed inventory will be prepared by either the landlord or an inventory clerk, detailing the fixtures and fittings in the property and their condition.

Tenants will be required to sign this inventory, upon signing your AST, confirming that you agree with the details and the condition of the property. This inventory will be used when you vacate the property to assess any damage or dilapidations. With allowances for fair wear and tear, any damage or cleaning that is required will be charged to the outgoing tenant. We strongly recommend that you take the time to check through your inventory to ensure that you agree with it. Upon signing, you will be given 48 hours to make any further comments. If we do not hear from you in writing, we will assume that you are in agreement with the inventory and all comments made.


Most tenancies do not include utility bills and tenants are responsible for payment of council tax, water rates, gas and electric.

Where Letting Solutions manage a property, we will advise the suppliers of your occupancy, however, the tenant is ultimately responsible for contacting the suppliers to set up an account and make arrangements for payment.

If you have a pre-payment meter, cards can be purchased from our office or your card or key can be topped up at any Pay Point.

Letting Solutions are unable to help with additional services such as a television license, SKY or similar and broadband. Permission must be obtained in writing before arranging any installation, if required.

The landlord is responsible for the building insurance, together with any landlords contents insurance. Any ground rent is also the responsibility of the landlord. Where there is a service charge, this will also be payable by the landlord, unless otherwise stated.

Tenants must insure their own contents. If you would like help with this or you would like a quote, please speak to a member of our team and we will be happy to assist.

For council tax bandings, please visit the appropriate council website or

Single occupants may qualify for a 25% discount.

Students may qualify for a discount or an exemption.


Garden and ground maintenance is the responsibility of the tenant unless otherwise stated. The initial condition of the gardens will be included in the inventory.

Rental Payments

Rent is payable either monthly or 4-weekly, in advance unless otherwise agreed. Tenants will be responsible for setting up a Standing Order to make rental payments on or before the rent due date


Pets are not permitted, except if agreed in writing. If you have a pet, you must declare this at the application stage. Pet bonds are no longer permitted in England, however you may offer or be requested to pay ‘pet rent’. Please ask for further details.


Smoking is not permitted in any rental property. If you smoke, you must declare this at the application stage.

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