Don’t Let The Tax Tail Wag The Investment Dog!

So, how will the new tax restrictions on Buy-To-Let (BTL) finance affect you? Let me explain…. As ever, this proposal by the Chancellor will affect different people in different ways, so I would urge you to seek professional advice which will be tailored to your circumstances, but if I can explain the principles, I’m sure […]

Does Selective Licensing Work?

It’s driving up the quality of rental accommodation and reducing anti-social behaviour. Or it’s destroying Blackpool’s rental market and placing an unfair burden on the majority of landlords. Everyone has an opinion about selective licensing – but who’s right? In 2012 Blackpool Council introduced a scheme which aimed to improve the South Shore area of […]

Our Top 10 Tips For Buy-To-Lets

Our top ten tips will help you understand the conundrums of investing your money in bricks and mortar. 1 – Know Your Market Research, research, research! Know your risks as well as your benefits and ensure Buy-To-Let is the investment you want. On a short term basis; tying up capital in a property that may […]

Tenants – Keep Your Landlord Smiling :-)

I would say that one of the most important things to a tenant – once they have found their dream home of course – is the Landlord. I am often asked when a tenant is viewing a new property “What is the Landlord like?” You want assurances that you will be looked after in your […]

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Exciting times this week at LS Blackpool…. we are delighted to be sponsoring the North West Division of Global Entrepreneurship week. I hope to see many of you at The Pines Hotel in Chorley on Tuesday. The theme to GEW 2013 is “Taking A Step Forward”. Let’s think about this for a moment; “taking a step forward”… Now, […]